MSI Radeon HD 7970 Lightning Overclocked to 1800MHz Core, 7.70GHz Memory


MSI Europe showed a nice screenshot of Elmor’s latest overclocking feat and overclocking experience with MSI’s recently announced HD 7970 Lightning card.

MSI’s Radeon HD 7970 Lightning overclocked up to 1800MHz for the GPU. Apparently all it took was some LN2 and Swedish overclocker Elmor, which proved his OC skills at various overclocking events.

The card was normally chilled by LN2 and stable core clock ended up at 1800MHz with 1700mV of voltage. Memory ended up at impressive 1925MHz (7.7GHz effective). Elmor used MSI’s Big Bang XPower II X79 motherboard and Intel Core i7 3960X Sandy Bridge-E CPU overclocked to 5207.8MHz. The 3DMark 11 score ended at 15035 marks in Performance mode.

MSI has definitely made dream graphics card for any overclocker and that custom PCB is surely doing a nice job.

HD 7970 Lightning

Click for full resolution screenshot.


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